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AFSPA: Will withdraw AFSPA Act from Kashmir: Amit Shah | leader

New Delhi; News Agency: Union Home Minister Amit Shah informed that the Center is thinking of withdrawing the 'AFSPA' Act which gives special privileges to the Army from Jammu and Kashmir. Shah was speaking in an interview given to a channel.

He said that the above Act will be withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir. Military personnel will be recalled from this state. After the withdrawal of AFSPA, the responsibility of law and order in this state will be entrusted to the Jammu and Kashmir Police. Earlier Jammu and Kashmir Police was not trusted. However, in recent times, the police in this state have proved their worth by showing their prowess in many missions. That is why the privilege given to the army will be withdrawn from here.

70 percent of the North-Eastern states have removed this law. Now the central government is thinking of withdrawing this law from Jammu and Kashmir. Several civil organizations in North East India and Jammu and Kashmir have requested the Center to withdraw the Act. Democracy was limited to only three families in this state.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to bring democracy to every person in this state.

He also said that assembly elections will be held in this state in the month of September. He also mentioned that we will not discuss with Pakistani organizations responsible for the death of 40 thousand youths in Kashmir, but we will talk with the youths of Kashmir.

Every Indian's dream is to join 'PoK'

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) is an integral part of India. The Hindus living in 'PoK' along with their Muslim brothers are Indians. Therefore, every Indian wants to include occupied Kashmir in India, he also said on this occasion.

What is the 'AFSPA' Act?

Army jawans get special powers under this Act if any suspicious incidents or activities are detected in Jammu and Kashmir. According to this, jawans can open fire during a search operation, arrest the suspect. The Act was enacted in 1990 for Jammu and Kashmir, while the Parliament passed an Act giving privileges to the Army in 1958 to prevent violence in the northeastern states. This law has been withdrawn from some states in the North East.

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