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Actresses were not ready to work with Mithun: considered him a B grade actor; At that time only Zeenat Aman worked with us

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  • Actresses Were Not Ready To Work With Mithun, They Considered Him AB Grade Actor; At That Time Only Zeenat Aman Worked With Him

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At one time no actress wanted to work with Mithun Chakraborty. Everyone considered him a B grade actor. Mithun had said in a reality show in 2023 that many of his fellow actors used to be insecure with him. He used to tell actresses not to work with Mithun.

Mithun said that at that time Zeenat Aman was the only actress who agreed to work with him. Mithun had said in the show that Zeenat Aman had the biggest role in making him from B grade to A grade actor.

Zeenat Aman agreed to work with Mithun
Mithun Chakraborty had said in the reality show Saregamapa – For the film Takdeer, director Brij Sadana went to Zeenat Aman for the role of lead actress. He showed my photo to Zeenat and said that he is the lead actor of my film. Then Zeenat said that the boy looks good, I am ready to do a film with him. As soon as Zeenat did the film, other actresses started agreeing to work with me.

The actress used to refuse even after signing the film
Mithun said that at one time it seemed that he would never be able to become an A grade actor from B grade. He said- At that time some actors used to be insecure with me. They thought that I would go far ahead.

Many actresses used to refuse even after signing movies with me. Pressure was put on him that if you work with Mithun, I will not work with you. In such a situation, I thank Zeenat Aman, who broke this spell by working with me.

Let us tell you, Mithun Chakraborty and Zeenat Aman have worked together in films like Yaadon Ki Kasam, Baat Ban Gayi, Ashanti and Hum Se Hai Zamana.

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