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Abhishek Khan used to shout outside Shahrukh's house: Having shared the screen with Amitabh, he wrote an emotional letter for the actor

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Actor Abhishek Khan, who has worked in series like 'Good Bye' and 'Lutere', had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar about his journey and film career. Abhishek is one of those few people who adopt the concept of 'I will not give up' in his life. Abhishek tells that there was a time when he used to stand outside Shahrukh's house 'Mannat' and shout. But after watching the 2016 film 'Fan', he stopped doing this. He had decided that now he has to do something so that he can work with Shahrukh.

Abhishek has been a fan of Shahrukh since the beginning. He had dreamed of working with Shahrukh since childhood. He fulfilled this dream by working in the show 'Bard of Blood' in 2019. 'Bard of Blood' was produced by Shahrukh Khan's production house. Talking about his journey, he said that this journey has not been easy. After working in the film 'Good Bye', Amitabh Bachchan wrote an emotional letter for Abhishek. Abhishek also considers this as a part of his success.

Amitabh Bachchan had sent a letter for Abhishek.

Amitabh Bachchan had sent a letter for Abhishek.

The film 'Good Bye' was the best experience of my career.

Talking about films, he said that the film 'Good Bye' has been one of the best experiences of his life. In this film, he was seen in the role of Amitabh Bachchan's son. The shooting of the film was done in lockdown during Covid. Talking about his bond with Amitabh, Abhishek said- I used to be very affectionate with everyone on the set. I did not know that Amitabh ji was noticing everything. One day he called me and said that I don't think this is your first film. Abhishek said that perhaps he was liking my work.

Abhishek Khan with Rashmika Mandanna during the shooting of the film 'Good Bye'.

Abhishek Khan with Rashmika Mandanna during the shooting of the film 'Good Bye'.

Actually, Amitabh liked both Abhishek's acting and behavior very much. He also wrote a heartfelt note for Abhishek. Abhishek was very happy after receiving the letter written by Amitabh, because that letter was received by his mother. Abhishek has also posted the letter on his Instagram account.

Abhishek Khan with Amitabh Bachchan.

Abhishek Khan with Amitabh Bachchan.

When Abhishek was asked why he started believing in you so much in such a short time. On this Abhishek said that perhaps he liked my work and behaviour. Giving another reason, the actor said that he gets his name from his son Abhishek Bachchan. Our birthday also falls in the same month. In this film we were playing the roles of father and son. Perhaps this might have been one of the reasons for the bond forming between us.

When Abhishek got all his hair cut off for 'Good Bye', everyone on the set thought he was wearing a wig. He also increased his weight for the film. Seeing his hard work and dedication, everyone was impressed by him.

Got work in 'Looter' series by luck

Abhishek Khan has also been seen in the recently released Hansal Mehta's series 'Looter'. He told that his casting in this series happened when the entire star cast of the series had been finalized. He said that I had decided that I have to work in this series. Because such series are rarely made in our country. After this he called Mukesh Chhabra and said that I have to audition for this series.

Mukesh Chhabra refused him and said that the casting of the series has been completed. But one day Abhishek got a call for the casting of this series. Abhishek was ready to do any role in this project.

Abhishek Khan's look in 'Lutere'.

Abhishek Khan's look in 'Lutere'.

At last his wish was fulfilled. One day suddenly he got a call for audition. He got a role in this series. Initially his role was small, but after seeing his acting during the shooting, his role was increased. Abhishek says that outsiders should be given more opportunities in the industry. He says that if someone's father is a producer, he will definitely give work to his son. No one can do anything about this. But it is important to recognize the talent of outsiders also.

Abhishek Khan with actor Rajat Kapoor on the sets of 'Lutere'.

Abhishek Khan with actor Rajat Kapoor on the sets of 'Lutere'.

Abhishek Khan spoke about bad experiences

Abhishek told that along with the film 'Good Bye', he was offered another film. Earlier he had left 'Good Bye' and chosen another film. But he left the film due to bad behavior on the set. Abhishek believes that he cannot work where someone is treated poorly or is not treated equally.

Abhishek Khan wanted to become an actor since childhood

Abhishek had joined Prithvi Theater from 12th class itself without informing his mother. He used to attend a class and go to the theatre. Initially he used to clean the stage there. He polished himself a lot by working in theatre. Abhishek told that his mother also wanted to become an actress. But due to her responsibilities she could not fulfill her dream.

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