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Abhijeet was upset after seeing Salman in his song: Said- Tan Tana Tan song was sung for Govinda, correct expressions and acting were not shown in the song

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Famous singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya has given voice to two great songs Tan Tana Tan and Chunri-Chunri filmed on Salman Khan. However, he is not happy with it. Talking about the song Tan Tana Tan from the film Judwaa, Abhijeet has revealed that he had sung that song not for Salman but for Govinda. But when he saw that song being filmed on Salman, he felt very bad. He also said that the way the song was sung, the same expression and acting was not shown in the song.

Recently, in an interview given to Pinkvilla, Abhijeet talked about Salman's song Tan Tana Tan. Expressing his displeasure, he said that one day he got a call from Anu Milk. She called Abhijeet to Sahara Studio and told him that he has to sing a song for David Dhawan's film. Abhijeet said that he was not made to rehearse. When Abhijeet reached Sahara Studio, director David Dhawan was not on the set. The song was written and recorded in his absence.

Abhijeet told why there was confusion

He further said, David Dhawan has never worked with anyone except Govinda since he became David Dhawan. So no one told me who is in this (film). Abhijeet has told that he thought that like every time, Govinda will be in this film of David Dhawan as well. This is the reason why he sang that song for Govinda according to his expressions. Abhijeet has told that while he was recording the song, the recordist present in the studio was looking at him and asking why are you becoming Govinda.

Abhijeet further said that he did not know that Salman Khan was being cast in the film. He sang the entire song keeping expressions in mind, however when the song was made, it was made full of dance and choreography instead of expressions. Abhijeet said, 'The way the song was sung, that expression and acting was not shown.'

Abhijeet is also unhappy with the song Chunri-Chunri

Abhijeet has also talked about the hit song Chunri-Chunri from the film Biwi No. 1. He has said, 'For me, it was not a great song. It only had instruments. So, only my name appears in it. It is not that it is my song, but it has been a hit song since a long time. My songs have been hits, but it is not necessary that the film has also been a commercial hit. My songs have become classics.

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