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Abhijeet had a fight with Shahrukh Khan: Years later the singer said- He is proud, he knows that I am hurt

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At one time, singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya was known as the voice of Shahrukh Khan. Abhijeet has given voice for Shahrukh Khan in many films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Yes Boss, Badshah to Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om. However, after the film Main Hoon Na, there was a fight between the two and both stopped talking. The reason for the differences between the two started with the singer not being given credit in the film. Now after years, Abhijeet Bhattacharya has talked about the differences with Shahrukh.

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya said in an interview to Pinkvilla, this is something that Shahrukh also knows very well. There are no differences between us. Our birthdays are also one day apart. We behave the same way. We both knew what we were doing and what we were going to become. If I go to him today as his 6-7 year senior and hold his ears and say that enough of drama, you are a star and will always be, but if I come back in the movie, then I will be the one.

He further said, sometimes I feel that he is arrogant, or maybe he does not have time at all. But he is not like that. I know myself and him very well, although we do not have any close bond. He knows that I am hurt. All these stars keep dogs in each other's names. But when something happens, they hug each other.

On making friendship he said- he has become very commercial

When Abhijeet was asked if they will ever come together for the fans, the singer said, I can think about it, but he has become very commercial. Now he doesn't even know who sang his song. Why would he think about it, he has moved on from it. What difference does it make to him.

Why did Shahrukh-Abhijeet fight happen

Let us tell you that the differences between the two started from the 2004 film Main Hoon Na. Actually, Abhijeet had sung the song Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha from the film, which was filmed on Shahrukh Khan. The singer had said that in that film, the spotboy, hairdresser and assistant dress makers were also given credit, although the singer's name was not mentioned anywhere.

In an interview to Times of India in 2012, Abhijeet had said, I don't know why our filmmakers never give credit to singers. In the end credits of Main Hoon Na, the singer's name was given at the end. The worst part was that the segment was shot with the chaiwalas and the dress man, but not with the singer. When my family saw the film, they felt cheated. The same happened with Om Shanti Om. Even though I was the voice of Shah Rukh Khan. I had also expressed my displeasure with Shah Rukh Khan and Faraar.

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