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Abba..! 'Ghabad' of 4 billion pounds of gold will be found in the sea? What happened 383 years ago? | leader

Leader Online Desk : Even if you utter the word sea, everything magnificent stands before your eyes. Many secrets have been hidden in the bottom of the sea. Similarly, the search for the remains of the ship 'Merchant Royal', which sunk in the sea 383 years ago in Britain, will be conducted from next month, according to the news of 'Metro' daily in England. The reason behind the discovery of this shipwreck is also special. The ship is believed to have contained around 4 billion pounds worth of gold and silver. Let's find out what happened 383 years ago…

The Merchant Royal : What exactly happened 383 years ago?

The Merchant Royal was carrying a large amount of gold and silver before its disaster. This ship has been given the nickname “El Dorado of the Seas”. On September 23, 1641, the ship sank while en route to Dartmouth. 18 crew members of the ship were killed in this accident. According to a report given by 'Metro', a British company equipped with cutting-edge technology believes that they can now find the wreckage of the famous ship. The company Multibeam Services will try to search for the wreckage off the coast of Britain from next month. Unmanned ships and advanced solar technology will also be used for this, the company said.

What will you do if you find the treasure?

Nigel Hodge of Multibeam Services, a company that searches for shipwrecks, said, “We are searching for the wreck not for gold and silver, but for its historical significance.” Any treasure found will be considered a 'heritage artefact'. Finding a shipwreck is a difficult mission. Water expansion is extremely dangerous. There are thousands of sunken shipwrecks. Merchant Royal ship is one of them. In such a situation, a lot of debris has to be picked up and identified later. It is certainly not that easy to say. But they also believe that we will find the remains of this ship.

100,000 pounds of gold, 400 Mexican silver bars

The Merchant Royal ship had gone into the Spanish port of Cadiz for repairs before it sank. There are also records of stops for additional cargo on her return voyages through Mexico and the Caribbean. Heavy seas and faulty pumps may have caused the ship to sink due to excess cargo and leakage from the ship's masts due to the long passage. It is claimed that the ship was carrying 100,000 pounds of gold, 400 Mexican silver bars and approximately 500,000 Spanish dollars at the time of its sinking. Several attempts have been made over the years to locate the Lywan ship; But there is no success.

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