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A speeding car crosses the divider and collides with a truck on the Delhi-Lucknow highway; 6 people died

Leaders Online Desk: In Uttar Pradesh, a speeding car crossed the road divider and hit a truck coming in the opposite direction on the Delhi-Lucknow National Highway. In this terrible accident, six people died, while two people were seriously injured. The accident happened on Monday (13th) at around 12 o'clock in the night.

At Garh Kotwali, a blue color Excel Six car heading towards Moradabad crossed the about 15 feet wide divider and collided with a truck heading towards Delhi from Moradabad. The car was crushed in the collision. In which six people died on the spot and two were seriously injured. The police reached the spot on getting information about the accident. The injured were sent to Garh CSC in an ambulance. After the accident, the body of the deceased was bleeding so much that the road was covered with blood.

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