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A biopic will be made on Ekta Kapoor: Friend Nivedita Basu said- 'Many people are ready but Ekta has kept the rights on hold'

7 hours agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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Ekta Kapoor is one of the successful female producers in the industry today. There was a time when she was given the status of 'TV Queen'. However, she has faced many struggles to achieve this success. If Ekta's close friend and producer Nivedita Basu is to be believed, a film will definitely be made on Ekta's life. However, she has kept the rights to it only to herself.

In a recent interview to Dainik Bhaskar, Nivedita Basu said, 'It is certain that a biography will be made on Ekta Kapoor someday. However, she herself is holding the rights for the same. Ekta is a brand in herself. Many people are ready to make a film on her story. Now to whom will she give these rights, this is a big question. If I ever get a chance, I would like to make her biopic.'

Let us tell you, Nivedita Basu worked as a creative director in Balaji Telefilms for 15 years. It was believed that after a rift with Ekta, the two parted ways. However, Nivedita rejected this. Nivedita said, 'I consider Ekta my guru. I worked with her for 15 years and during this time, I have learned a lot from her. People said that there was a fight between us. There is no truth in this.

At that time, Ekta was more focused on Saas-Bahu content. I assured her that I will not make the content that she is making. I was making something different. Completely opposite to Saas-Bahu. While Ekta's shows used to run for 8-10 years, I started working on a finite series. There is a Guru-Shishya relationship between us. Even today, she has kept her doors open for me.

There was a time when Ekta Kapoor's temper was always on the edge. Scolding and reprimanding the actors on the set was a common thing for Ekta. Recalling those days, Nivedita further said, 'See, she was aggressive only about her work. She was not like this at all in her personal life. Ekta never used to sit relaxed. She used to get angry but it was limited only to her work.

She was very anxious about work. Every week when the TRP ratings came on Thursday, the whole world would shake. If the ratings fell, we would immediately change the script. We would shoot late at night with a new script and the episode would be telecast the next day. It was a very challenging phase. However, we were happy because our shows were successful. There used to be differences between us but she would calm down the very next moment.

During the conversation, Nivedita told that Ekta never liked the memes made on her. About this, she said, 'Ekta was very young. Many comedy memes were made of her. TVF actors used to make jokes on her. We used to be quite entertained. However, Ekta used to have mixed reactions. Initially, she did not take these things as a joke. She used to get angry. Then she learned to ignore it. Gradually, she also started laughing at those jokes.

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